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Instructor: Kay Burnett (The Paint Lady)

Welcome to a structured and comprehensive painting course. This course includes hours of video instruction, self-study assignments, painting demos, color mixing guides and much much more! • Materials Overview • Color Theory • Paint Application • Basic Elements of Painting • Literature Arts • Visual Arts • & Much More

Visual and Literature Arts

with Emphasis on Acrylic Painting

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  • What is K.A.Y. Academy?

    K.A.Y. Academy is a web based art academy designed for youth. K.nowledge of A.rts for Y.outh. Courses are geared towards Visual & Literature Arts with emphasis on painting. Each lesson is designed to be self contained and teach you something new, no matter what your current skill level. You can access the lessons at your own pace, replaying each part until you really get it. Just like Hulu, Starz, you will sign up for an inexpensive recurring subscription and you’ll get access to KAY content.

  • What are K.A.Y. Academy goals?

    The goal is to make art accessible to youth and young adults. We are aware that Public Schools lack the arts in the classroom. That’s where K.A.Y. comes in. Knowledge of Arts for Youth.

  • Which course are included with my subscription?

    Your subscription includes all lessons within the course which are guided by a schedule. Each week there will be a new set of lessons, videos and quizzes.

  • How are the lessons delivered?

    You will receive a personalize login with your own account to view the course materials.

  • Can I cancel before I’m billed?

    Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time before you are billed. If you decide to cancel later, all activity stops immediately, there is no grace period or refunds.

  • What is your refund policy?

    K.A.Y. Academy does not offer refunds on membership subscriptions.

  • What do I need to get started?

    For the best experience, we recommend an internet-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet with the latest OS and browser.